Thursday, January 27, 2011


Hi everyone out there I know this is a strange time to be writing a post. But you see when your husband gets you up at 3:00 in the am to make his lunch it is not always easy to go back to sleep right away. Ya! that is right I do get up and make his lunch for him and make a pot of coffee for him before he goes off the work and wish him a go day and be careful for the day. I know that is old fashion but that is how I was raised. I was raised to get up with your spouse and see his off to work and make sure his lunch is done and he has not forgotten anything. Well that is sometimes he has not forgotten things but that was not the case this morning just as I was about to go back to bed I get this phone call and guess who it was! Yes it was my husband and he forgot a paper he needed for work this morning which had all the spot he needed to go to today and where he needed to drop the trailers at. So the good wife that I am I text message the whole paper with all the instructions on it to him it took 3 message to get all the info to him. By the time I was done I thought why should I go back Tobe at this point I am already awake and at 6:00 am he is going to be calling me to wake up and start my day which it already started at 3:00 am with him. funny how that works! When ever he is up he thinks I should be up and starting my day it don't matter that mine didn't end until 11:00 pm or even later than that due to restless legs and sore legs.Due to me falling down in the snow when I was helping our son up out a bale of hay for the cows. You see I don't know if you know I have arthritis in my legs and have a really bad knee that swells and gets very stiff especially in the cold weather or when we are going to have change in the weather be it for go or bad. It really sucks! I can't do all things I used to do and it makes it hard to do some of the chores here at the farm cause I can't squat or kneel down on my knees anymore. Or if I do get down I am not getting up anytime soon! That is the prime reason why I quit working at the gas station in October due to my legs hurting all the time because when I would finish work there I still had another 4 to 6 more hours of work at the farm and still had to cook supper for the family which meant more time on my legs. So by the time I would finish the day I could hardly walk. And I would have to start all over the next day and all I could think about is GREAT HERE I GO AGAIN! I know it sounds like I am complaining but you see I ended up with one of those nights with not much sleep and sore legs. Enough of that I think I will try to get some more sleep before husband calls.

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