Thursday, January 27, 2011


Hi everyone out there I know this is a strange time to be writing a post. But you see when your husband gets you up at 3:00 in the am to make his lunch it is not always easy to go back to sleep right away. Ya! that is right I do get up and make his lunch for him and make a pot of coffee for him before he goes off the work and wish him a go day and be careful for the day. I know that is old fashion but that is how I was raised. I was raised to get up with your spouse and see his off to work and make sure his lunch is done and he has not forgotten anything. Well that is sometimes he has not forgotten things but that was not the case this morning just as I was about to go back to bed I get this phone call and guess who it was! Yes it was my husband and he forgot a paper he needed for work this morning which had all the spot he needed to go to today and where he needed to drop the trailers at. So the good wife that I am I text message the whole paper with all the instructions on it to him it took 3 message to get all the info to him. By the time I was done I thought why should I go back Tobe at this point I am already awake and at 6:00 am he is going to be calling me to wake up and start my day which it already started at 3:00 am with him. funny how that works! When ever he is up he thinks I should be up and starting my day it don't matter that mine didn't end until 11:00 pm or even later than that due to restless legs and sore legs.Due to me falling down in the snow when I was helping our son up out a bale of hay for the cows. You see I don't know if you know I have arthritis in my legs and have a really bad knee that swells and gets very stiff especially in the cold weather or when we are going to have change in the weather be it for go or bad. It really sucks! I can't do all things I used to do and it makes it hard to do some of the chores here at the farm cause I can't squat or kneel down on my knees anymore. Or if I do get down I am not getting up anytime soon! That is the prime reason why I quit working at the gas station in October due to my legs hurting all the time because when I would finish work there I still had another 4 to 6 more hours of work at the farm and still had to cook supper for the family which meant more time on my legs. So by the time I would finish the day I could hardly walk. And I would have to start all over the next day and all I could think about is GREAT HERE I GO AGAIN! I know it sounds like I am complaining but you see I ended up with one of those nights with not much sleep and sore legs. Enough of that I think I will try to get some more sleep before husband calls.

Monday, January 24, 2011


You know what! I just read my sister's blog tonight from last week and I do understand what she is meaning by feeling invisible to the world! I too feel like that especially when I put my thought down on this blog. I do not have many followers and I am not sure why I keep doing this but may be one day I will have a bigger following. I had also started a blog on my website and in hopes I could drum up some more business. I did get 1 knew customer out of it and 1 repeat. So I guess it was note a total flop! All though I do feel like it is some days. I keep telling myself and my husband if I can start up a business in these economic hard times than I will make it. I know it is a crazy idea but I am ever hopeful on that premise. I like to think that the glass is always half full not half empty. So I guess I will keep the same outlook on this blogging thing too! So here we go on another adventure into blogging. I hope I will entertain you and give you food for thought. One thing I did tonight is post a comment to my sisters post and told her not to give so I should listen to my own advice and not give up!!! I will keep you up to date on how the customer build up is going. TILL NEXT TIME;)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


I know I have not posted anything in quit a WHILE but you see it is like this when you have to wear 6 to 7 hats it gets a little confusing. I know that is a lame excuse but you see Juan had quit working at his job in August of last year and started driving truck cross country and that left all the farm work put on Daniel and I. My Dad had also went through open heart surgery in August as well. So you see it has been a little crazy here and on top of that I have told I have arthritis which I am not to surprised but it make it hard to do some chores on the farm. I have also sold all my crossed ewes and am going to stay with the pure Corriedale breed of sheep which means we have downsized for this winter. Which makes it easier on Daniel and I. I also have quit working at the gas station and working on the farm and mill and home and farm books. So you see I still have tons for me to do and still don't have enough time in the day to do every thing!
Change of subject I thought I might let anyone know that reads this post I do have another blog page on my website and I am giving a discount for anyone that would want their fiber cleaned for them at our fiber mill for this month the discount is good for. So stop by our website and click on my blog page for the information on the discount! The website is
or you can click ont th ebotton on the top of this page. I look forward to seeing you there and if you have any questions please feel free to use the comment part of the blog or email me at .

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Just Catching Up

Hi all I know I have not written very much but I have been very busy trying to get the mill up and going and I have one customers wool in house right now and am almost done with it she is going to need it for the fiber arts show is Scottsbluff in Nebraska on September 17 & 18. So I am trying to do a really good job on her wool in hopes for more potential customers from her classes she is giving those 2 days So wish me luck that i get more business from this show so I can quit my job at the gas station and work on this full time.

The rest of the farm is humming right along and we had our second year of shearing of our sheep and had 24 head shorn about 3 weeks ago. I saved back about 4 fleeces I thought was the best and sent the rest with the shearer so he can send it on the Mid-State Wool Company for our wool payment I know it won't be much but it is better than nothing. One of the fleeces I held back the this year is a black off of our first years lambs from our ram that is a Corriedale. His first year with us he gave us one black ewe lamb which was born in 2008. So this winter it will make her 2 years old and we will breed her this fall and hope we can get another colored lamb in the spring of next year.

Our Cow Bessy gave birth also this summer to another deformed calf so off to the sale barn with her so we can but 2 cows that will produce normal calves. We have had a very hard winter this last year and not a much better spring or summer. We also have lost 2 very dear family members this year as well as a very close call for 2 other members of our extended family were is a car accident just 2 weeks ago! so you see I really rather not repeat this year as far as I am concerned. I just hope the rest of this one goes a lot smoother that it has started out. All I can say is just hold on to your socks and start wading in and when it gets to deep start swimming and keep that head up as high as you can!!

It is hard it believe that Fall is around the corner and cooler weather is coming which I rather prefer than this hot and humid stuff that we have been having this Summer. My ideal weather is cool and not humid temperature range around 60 to 80 degrees all day this 90 plus degree stuff is for the birds. all you can do is just sit and sweat. So you see I am really looking to Fall. I hope all of you are doing well and wish you luck with the rest of this year and for those of you having a rough time so far just hang in there!!! Talk to you later off to do the next job;)

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Need More of Me

Well I know it has been a long time since I have posted anything. But I have been so busy I need more of me to try to get all the things done I need to get done. I finally finished lambing in May we had a few late bloomers give us a few surprises and we have decided that we like lambing in late winter and early spring then in the middle of winter we have a better survival rate. Also I don't end up with any bottle lambs which is nice since I have to wear so many hats these days. I get a little confusing to remember what hat I should be wearing and when. Well I finally got my mill set up in an old house we have since I had not much luck in renting it I put my mill in there and it seems to be coming to gather rather nicely. I also have our first customer and if she like what I do she will refer other people my way. I also going to be interviewed by Nebraska Sheep and Goat Producer about our mill and who it works I am rather excited about that too. I hope it will bring in some more customer for us too. Well that is a brief update of how things are going. Have to go and check dinner it smell like it is done or burnt! lol

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Hi everyone it has been awhile since I have posted anything. I have been kind of stretched thin for the past 4 months due to work and the farm, holidays and my father got rather sick and ended up in the hospital for a month. Also on top of all this I started lambing in December and here it is march and I am still lambing!! What a busy time of year for the people that raise sheep. I did something rather insane this last weekend, I was down to 5 ewes left to deliver and I bought 12 more ewes and another ram,so now I am back up to 17 ewes to deliver in a month or so. I also have had my 2 rams in with my yearling ewes for the last month and that mean hopefully I will some more lambs this summer around June or July. So I am up to 52 breeding ewes and 3 rams I have increased my flock a lot in the last year. I will be keeping most of the lambs this year too they have been mostly ewe lambs not very many ram lambs this year. Last year it was the other way around, we had more male and not many female. I think it we have more females because of the type of winter we are having. I know it is the cause for the multiple births we have had. just about every ewe has twined, we even had 3 sets of triplets and 1 quadruplets. Let me tell you that was a great surprise to go out to the barn and find 4 little one at a ewes side all wanting to eat and she only has 2 teats to feed these babies. So that is how my last 4 months have been I hope you all find yourself well and things are going good for all.

Saturday, December 26, 2009


Yes that's right we had a Blizzard started on the 24 of December and ended today the 26 of December we have snow drifts that are taller then the dually pickup. It was a lot of fun trying to feed the animals yesterday in the blizzard! we did lose some animals due to the cold wind, it was 2 alpacas but they were rather old so I'm not to surprised we had struggled to keep their weight up since we got them. the lambing season is going well despite the ugly weather. We had the move the bum lambs from the house to the garage due to one lamb named Pig she was always the noisiest one out of them all if you make the slightest noise or walk or any movement at all she would start in crying and would not stop for hours. So hubby had enough of her belle-ring and moved them to the garage on Christmas night. Its funny though my Dad and son and I had to listen to them for a week and half and hubby had all he could handle after 3 days. So he finanally got their box made and they slept in the barn again on Sunday night. It is nice to have my living room back as a living room and not a makeshift nursery. I think I am a holding point in lambing until February when we will start back in which is fine for me now I have my hands full with these guys and tyring to finish the barn and get it ready for the rest of the lambs to come and also do all the daily house chores as well! Ha! Ha! and on top of this I came down with one of the many types of flue's that is floating around this winter. Boy I tell you I sure felt ugly the first day which was yesterday (Sunday) and today I just feel like a mac truck ran me over and decided it was not done with me so it shifted in to reverse and plowed over me again. It's such a wonderful feeling!!! (NOT!) Well I have to go do chores and make some tamales for New Year Eve Dinner.